Live from MYSORE #1 (fueled by chai)

The plane ride was a killer. 22 hours in any seat is a rough time…..

Got into Bangalore at 3am. Getting a hotel was tricky and of course ended up spending more than I wanted to. It’s hard to negotiate with people that know you have no other options. They did have a nice complimentary breakfast and a glass elevator.

The train station in Bangalore was a mad house. Even having done it once before I was barely prepared for the pushing and shoving which is always hard when your holding two bags. You have to use your feet.

Got a real nice one bedroom next to the old school I studied at last year. It was $140 for the month. I did have to kill 4 big India roaches. One had to be hit twice to get the job done. I hurt my finger smashing him with a flip flop.I heard him yell out to his friends to stay out of my flat just as he died so I think I’m good. The room is nice…

Got pointed in the right direction to find BNS Iyengar. He is crusty on the outside, nice on the inside. Took my first class with him this morning. It was not what I expected. He has a very traditional approach that some people may not consider traditional. His class if fast. Something you would not expect from a guy in his 80’s.

Waiting for my chai


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