Live from Mysore #2 (the super soul)

Did my second class at 6am today with BNS. It’s so cool that he is leading us through the asanas, which is not traditional to this city. BNS does a few other things differently and as we went through the Marichyasana section he began yelling at me because I do not know my right from left. I was actually taught the sequence by my other teacher in a different way so it has become habit for me. I am going to try to change my habit to meet Iyengar’s way. After he said “NO RIGHT LEG! RIGHT LEG!” He said to me “your asanas are good but you must learn the mathematical system of yoga”. After the pose Garbapindasana, BNS was rolling me around on my back…. We are doing yoga by the way on a marble floor….My spine was rubbing into the ground and I got some road rash. I am afraid to tell him tomorrow that I don’t want to do that pose because I will have to show him my back which has a big tattoo of one of his Gods on it…Tattoos in India are only had by people in gangs or who are slaves and marked as property. If he sees may back tattoo I think he will flip.. He as already said, “The body is not for writing.” 😉 The good thing about the tattoos are if people see them they are a little bit afraid of me. Which can come in handy when men are staring at Nancy. Oh did you think that it was all peace and love here? Not exactly. Some of the community of Mysore are very nice and making a fine living because of the yoga boom. Some I think wish we would leave.
At the end of class today Iyengar said, “Yoga has no religion. Purify the soul and then join THE SUPER SOUL!!!!!!!” Nice



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