Live from Mysore #3 (food)

First, BNS was very pleased today that over night I learn my left from my right. I really like him when he is not yelling. He is a sweet old workaholic.

Eating food can be dangerous in India. In Mysore there are a few underground places to eat that are called “safe.” You can find some of these places listed on people’s blogs and a couple of websites. Or just ask around. Twice now we have been to Aunty’s. Dinner is 50rps (1 dollar). She is by far my favorite food-wise. After I eat there, I feel good. I was having some sinus issues and her dinner really cleared me up. Aunty loves television… if she was in LA I guarantee she would be a Jerry Springer addict… or guest. After we eat, we are told to take our dishes outside to a corridor and there is a women squatting over a faucet washing stuff and she yells at you and tells you how to wash your dish which you are invariably doing wrong.

(Note: These are my observations as a westerner. I think a lot of the things that seem like trouble or aggression are misunderstandings. This is in regards to me saying people are yelling or what have ya.)

Was losing my mind yesterday. We were running around trying to find stuff, negotiating with auto-rickshaw drivers and I thought I was going to collapse. We stopped at a coconut stand and I drank the water of 2 coconuts (10rps each) and I felt almost instantly better. I was dehydrated.

Loving the coconuts on the street!


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