Live from Mysore # 4 (one day)

4:45 am wake up
5:20am walk to class in the dark listening to the Muslims’ call to prayer (with PA) from several spots all over the city. BNS’s shala is across the street from the Shiva temple which is a small temple.
6:00am BNS walks in, lights incense and we do a standing beginning prayer before he leads us through an hour  of Ashtanga yoga
7:15am walk home. The sun is coming up and people are beginning to come out of the homes. Many of the women are sweeping the rooms out into the dirt street. We walk past a school where children are singing (kirtan, call and response) and clapping their hands
7:45am using a bucket I rinse off with warm water. The landlord is walking around the bungalows in his bath robe with incense, placing flowers on our windowsills.
8:30am chai and scrambled eggs at the Mandala ( next to my place. Many of the other western students eat here often. Some study with different teachers. This is the School (shala) I studied at in 2006 (with sheshadri ) . They have a different teacher here now, but I eat here often and the lady (Shanthala) that runs the place set up our accommodations next door.
10:00am take a rickshaw to the Devaraja Market to walk around. They sell flowers, fruit, incense, pots and pans and all kinds stuff. I also plan to find a tailor nearby to make me some yoga pants and yoga bags. I’m going to try to get some extra bags made to sell when I return to LA.

After that I’ll see what happens .. still looking for a meditation teacher. There is a place up the street i may try..

Will be in bed and sleeping by 8:30pm.


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