Live from Mysore #10 (Monkeys!!!)

Every night we eat at Aunty’s. I feel great after eating her dinners. Chapatis dripping in ghee. Shredded carrot salad. And chutney. Last night we went to Aunty’s just like we always do but no Aunty. Just her husband. He speaks very little, even when Aunty is there. Aunty is always upbeat and happy. The husband’s always quiet. So now it’s just us and him. I don’t know where Aunty is, but the husband is making us dinner tonight. Did your father ever make you dinner when your mother was out of town? Same. Not the same.

We quickly ate, paid and left. I hope Aunty’s back tomorrow.

On the way back to our place, I see a monkey on the top of a 2-story building. Last time I was in India, I didn’t see any monkeys without having to drive out of town. This time, there’s one climbing down the side of the building 20 feet in front of us. He grabs a telephone line and swings down to the awning on the house and sits for a minute. A girl and her mother stand in the street watching with us, just as tripped out. The monkey then jumps off the awning and onto the roof of a parked car with a thump. Then he jumps down to the street like he doesn’t have a care in the world. And maybe he doesn’t.

He monkey walks across the street and starts to climb another building. As he climbs with no troubles like Spiderman, I think of what my TM teacher said… “Why do you do yoga poses? Monkeys don’t have to do yoga. They can just jump up and climb a building. No yoga. No problem.” As the monkey climbs up the building, I notice 3 of his dirty monkey friends already on the top of the building waiting for him. He jumps up to them, defying gravity, walks over to his friend, climbs on his friend’s back and humps his friend a couple times, then jumps down and disappears for about 25 seconds. When he comes back out on the ledge, he is holding an unopened package of cookies. He tears the top open and takes out one cookie, sits down and eats it.

When I got home, I wrote this note and had 4 cookies. I tried to eat only one just like the monkey, but didn’t have the self-control. But I assume the monkey stole his cookies. I paid for mine. Evolution?


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