Live from Mysore #14 ( in through the outdoor)

Just back from dinner at Auntys. It’s 6:15pm so we had to rush into our flat (apartment) and put up the mosquito net before the power goes out. It goes out for an hour or 2 every night around this time and if you don’t get the mosquito netting up before the power goes out you have to do it in the dark. Then there is a greater potential that a mosquito is stuck in the net with you. Did I mention I go to bed at 8pm most every night? We get up at 4:45am. Anyways, there were other things I wanted to do first but I had to get the net up. And I said out loud, “There are so many things I have to do before I can do the thing I want to do.” Then I started laughing a lot. So the mosquito netting is up and if you have ever spent the night with a mosquito you’ll know the importance of the net. It also made me remember something I heard: “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try spending the night with a mosquito.”

Forgot to meditate before dinner so have to do it now before I sleep and with a full stomach. I guess it should never be something you feel you have to do, but shit happens. My TM teacher says you have to fall in love with the practice to get the most of it. True that… or for those of you not down with the hip–hop, that is true.

Took some pictures on the walk to Aunty’s and I realized that, besides my unhealthy obsesion with monkeys, when I use the still camera (not my video camera) I have been taking pictures of doors and windows I think look cool. It was a strange thing I wasn’t doing consciously. The question is: Am I looking for an entrance or an exit… AND is there a difference?

Not going to yoga tomorrow. That old man has beat me. I am whipped. 25 yoga (asana) classes in 26 days. BNS Iyengar does not take off Saturdays or full moons like normal yoga teachers in Mysore. He only takes the new moon off. Definately a sadist. I know he loves it, the crusty old bastard. Yes, there is such a thing as too much yoga.

Nancy and I were both invited to be extras in a Bollywood movie tomorrow. It was supposed to be last week but got rescheduled so I had to pass this time around. My days are numbered with these teachers. I can be an extra back home. But Nancy will be doing the gig. She’ll be playing the tall white foreigner.


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