Think twice – post once

In the new world, when we die, what flashes before our eyes will not be our lives. It will be everything we posted on the internet.

It was raining when I turned left onto Santa Monica Blvd. As I turned, my smart phone – which I believe to be of only average intelligence – slides across the bench seat of my 1992 Toyota pickup and fell between the seat and the passenger side door.

I once had the same experience with an open can of Coca Cola. There was a time after that that the passenger side door was difficult to open. Someone once told me Rod Stewart used to pour cola on the stage before every show so he would not slip and fall during his performance.  But now my phone is in that dirty spot.

I can go days without getting a call on my phone. Sometimes I wonder if my phone is broken it rings so infrequently. But now that it is in that gap between the seat and the passenger door in the forbidden zone I now refer to as Rod Stewart’s stage, it rings.

I hate the sound of my phone ringing. No matter what cute, irritating or old school ring I set it to, the ringing of my phone always makes me think of tragedy.

It was Christmas day so I wasn’t terribly surprised that my Aunt answered my parents’ phone when I called. Most of my relatives at least act joyous during the holiday season. Which is why it was strange my Aunt sounded so flat. The way we show love in the town I grew up in is to give people shit or a hard time. So I say to my Aunt, who sounds a little down answering my parents’ phone on Christmas, “Who died?”

After a long pause she says, “I think you should talk to your mother.”

There are probably a million things that have come out of my mouth I have instantly regretted. You may find this hard to believe – especially if you have read the things I have posted on the internet in the past – I think twice, sometimes more, about everything I put on the internet.

I still miss talking to my Grandmother about the latest Vampire novels. I especially miss her telling me she thinks Anne Rice has lost her edge.


On the corner of Sunset and La Brea

It’s surprisingly hot today, for an October in Los Angeles.

The earth is acting funny.

One day it’s hot and sunny.

The next it’s cold and rainy.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think the planet was trying to tell us something. I suspect it’s like something from a late seventies horror flick. In a low reverb-frosted voice it’s saying, “Get out!”

The insane are pushing and shoving for territory.

Looking for the best corner to preach.

Like steam coming out of their ears, the voices spray out of their mouths.

Hand gestures are OCD,  fast and repetitive, sure to cause RSS (repetitive stress syndrome)

Their words are quick and hard.

Their rhythm and conviction would put Snoop Dog to shame.

I understand every other word or so.

But they are not looking for clarity or diction.

They’re just setting the valve to open so the rats can abandon ship before it all goes down into the black abyss, where all is empty and perfect.

But it will be difficult to stay empty on a hot Monday afternoon on the corner of  Sunset and La Brea, where every direction you look there are new words and desires  chosen for you.

You close your eyes and the words spill out from pedestrian ear buds.

You open your eyes and the words are on the clothing of passers-by.

Soon the head is full again and you wrestle with an out of work actor or yoga teacher over a new corner to let the words out.

Again and again, Amen

Yoga Philosophy

Yoga is not about being so flexible you can get your head up your ass.

Yoga is about keeping your head out of your ass.

Ask a yoga teacher #2 (Surviving Divorce and Break-ups)


Things have not been going very well I’m sorry to say. I never expected to lose my home, my job and my spouse all at one time. I know you went through something similar. You seemed to do OK. Any advice would be welcome as I know you’ve been down this road.

your friend


There is no quick fix. Don’t bother looking for one.

Take the first job that is offered to you. Stay with friends then take the first apartment or room to rent that you feel safe in. None of this is permanent.

Stay busy. Say yes to every offer you get to hang out with friends or strangers. Call people if they don’t call you.

Watch comedies and read uplifting books.

Stay busy!

Do everything on that list in your head of things you couldn’t do before this happened.

Somewhere there is a voice inside of you giving you the best possible advice. It’s just hard to hear over the screaming.

If you can, let go and drift.

Float in the stream with your eyes closed.

You are headed in the right direction.

You are at the beginning of an incredible journey. Some of it’s going to suck terribly. But you are going to be so proud of yourself when you look back at this and see how well you fared the storm.

This is an e-mail I sent to a long-time friend. It is not meant to be a substitute for legal or therapeutic advice on the subject of divorce.

How to Meditate

The Monday yoga classes at Black Market Yoga – Meditation Mondays – will end with a 5 minute meditation.

Here are the simple instructions:

How to Meditate


Sit comfortably  and keep a straight back.


Become aware of the breath rising and falling in the stomach.


Let thoughts come and go without focusing on them.


Daniel Overberger