Terminator seeds

If we eat food grown with seeds that were engineered by Monsanto to terminate or self-destruct, will we–as the people who eat the food produced by these terminator seeds–develop self-destructive terminator tendencies?

You are what you eat.

From Wiki Monsanto terminator seeds

In June 2007,[30] Monsanto acquired Delta & Pine Land Company, a company that had patented a seed technology nicknamed Terminators. This technology, which was never known to have been used commercially, produces plants that have sterile seeds so they do not flower or grow fruit after the initial planting. This prevents the spread of those seeds into the wild, however it also requires customers to repurchase seed for every planting in which they use Terminator seed varieties. Farmers who do not use a terminator seed could also be affected by his neighboring farmer that does through natural pollination. In recent years, widespread opposition from environmental organizations and farmer associations has grown, mainly out of the concerns that hypothetical seeds using this technology could increase farmers’ dependency on seed suppliers.


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