Gandhi to the rescue

I’m always hearing about the US Post Office going through hard times… how they might have to close or raise the price of their services just to survive. But every time I go to the post office, no matter what day or time, there is a long line to wait in full of customers. Maybe the problem is management. Who knows? One of my favorite books is Charles Bukowski’s Post Office. There are some possible explanations in this literature.

Anyway, I was quietly standing in line. I was the last in line, as we all must be at some point. People are never happy to stand in line. I’m not sure why. Even when I have nothing better to do, I don’t like it.Image

A little girl was trying to write on the window with a pen. It wasn’t working so she pounded the tip of the pen against the window and tried again. I’m assuming one of her parents or at least a guardian was in line — as I was — but who could tell? When the little girl realized the futility of writing on the window with a pen, she laid on the ground and started rolling around. As she rolled around, she sang a song: “It’s a small world, I’ve been told. It’s a small world, I’ve been told.” I thought to myself, “These are NOT the right lyrics… maybe I should tell her.” But i knew there were about one thousand other things she probably needed to be told — like “the floor is really dirty that you are rolling around on” — and I figured it really wasn’t my place anyway. So I thought, what would Gandhi do? I always remember that quote, “Be the change you want to see.” So, as the little girl sings “It’s a small world,” I join her and sing “AFTER ALL!”