Gulf Coast 3 – Hillsborough Beach – Abandon Ship

 At the end of Hillsborough Beach near the airport in Carriacou we found this boat.


It was beautiful and somehow frightening at the same time.


I had to take a bunch of pictures so I wouldn’t have to rely on my memories.


I felt like a ghost.


Someone told us they thought is was washed ashore in one of the hurricanes around 2004/5, but Stanley our cab driver said it was much more recent.


Like a plant growing out of a sidewalk. It reminds me that the earth will take it all back.


The inside of the boat really heightened my sense of mortality.


The light through the hole in the boat’s deck reflected in the green water below.


Taking these pictures was one of the high points of my trip.

You can click to enlarge the pictures.


traffic jam

One day the traffic jams got to be too much and we all got out of our cars and walked off in all directions. We lived in the trees, worked the land and forever told stories about the elders who once drove metal machines and were not nearly as happy as we are today.



Tea and croissants in the rain. We sat at the cafe widow and watched the traffic barely moving. At 4am, a dead tree had fallen, ripping down power lines and blocking both south-bound lanes. I heard a voice that said, “Build an ark.” I pretended like I didn’t hear.


Where we spend our money, the world will grow. Where we do not spend our money, it will not.

What kind of world do you want?

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