A message from the past

When I think of humanity 4,000 years ago, I don’t think of them having a good time and laughing. I think of them hunting and often fighting to survive. One day while hiking in the Valley of Fire in Nevada, I found a very old rock painting… a petroglyph. It showed a dog sniffing another dog’s butt. I laughed and could not believe it. I imagined the person who painted it 4,000 years ago showing his friend and both of them laughing and holding their bellies. Then I imagined the entire tribe showing up to look at the picture and they all laughed, even the uptight members of the tribe laughed. They laughed long into the night as their fires went out and everyone fell asleep with a smile on their face. This gave me a new perspective of our ancestors and it gave me great hope for humanity.

Petroglygh Valley of Fire State Park

4000 years…



The deer were once my people

It was dark but they didn’t care. The electric light was brighter than the day itself.

We ran soulless and overrun with spirit, speaking in tongues, modern children of the third generation gap.

As Americans, too much of everything was at our fingertips. We vomited, overflowing with abundance, laughter and emptiness.

Three deer had come down from the brittle hills to find water and green. They grazed on golf course and cemetery lawns, looking like trees that had learned to walk.

I asked the greens keeper, a 72-year-old Korean man, “Who takes care of the deer?” He said, “The hills and god.”


and nothing but

The truth swims like black crescent moon fish jealous of the stars that never mind and outshine pools of pre-man Earth conscience,
a tadpole that never becomes a frog, let alone some fairy-tale savior.
Wingless, white, wild horses fly, but only for a moment.
But the humans needed proof.
The horse is indifferent to the truth.
To him, it is all truth.horsedge