A drowning man never questions the color of a life jacket.

I was driving and I heard a terrible sound coming from my car. I kept driving. In fact I drove a little faster for a short time. The terrible sound went away. Thank god that problem is solved.


Yoga philosophy

When I first started yoga I could not give a shit about advanced postures. I still have little interest. Yoga gave me peace in the mind. You can’t beat that. Only thing putting advanced in your yoga vocabulary is going to do is potentially bring in ego. And that will kill peace every-time.

Poem #28

I sat in the car passing time one block south of Sunset Blvd.
The mechanic light was on and I was listening to some 1970s Latin music waiting for my next class and a little pain in my heart to pass.
A purple flower fell from the sky and dropped on my windshield. The sun shined down on my eyes.
It was  5:09pm on a Tuesday and for a moment I felt the presence of g-d.