2 AM

Los Angeles Freeway system at 2 AM is everything it was meant to be and everything it is not in the daylight. The wind roars in my open window ears. It’s almost as loud as the music on the stereo of my 10-year-old Honda. It feels a little like freedom but I have often asked myself if I know what true freedom is. For now, I am as close as I need to be..


Too dark

Like a blood red wolf climbing out of my soul, ears down and hungry. We forgot who we are in the social structure of media. Our nails have been cut and filed but our hearts are still difficult to sooth. The savage beast is in lock down. In the basement of all basements, lifting weights and eating protein powder in the darkest corners of our minds. Waiting, growing stronger and unstoppable. The beast wants love just like you and me. But of course, it is been too long and too distorted. Like a red ball bouncing higher and higher until it becomes the nose of a clown who keeps peculiar things buried under its house. The clown wants love too and it cries as it eats it’s own heart screaming in the torn flesh of confusion.