Homeless Mike

I was walking after the Sunset. I ran into Mike. He’s homeless. He said could you please just talk to me? He told me he has fucked up so bad he doesn’t think he can fix it but, he is sure he could help others with their problems. Sounds familiar. He says can you get me a pair of boxer shorts? Who’s gonna deny a man underwear? So I go in the Fallas store all the way in the back. All they have is 3 packs for $5.99 (one brand only) and a few single pairs on hangers (same brand) with no price. I take them up front and ask how much it is for the single. The girl looks on the computer and tells me 30 cents. I say, what? She says 30 cents. I don’t know that much about math but since a 3 pack is 5.99 it seems off to me but I’m not going to argue. I walk out and give the boxers to Mike and he thanks me in an uncomfortable way. Then asks if he can have the receipt, I don’t want to give it to him cause it was so fucking cheap I’m embarrassed but of course I do. I don’t know if he will look but, if he does he will say WTF? just like me.

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