traffic jam

One day the traffic jams got to be too much and we all got out of our cars and walked off in all directions. We lived in the trees, worked the land and forever told stories about the elders who once drove metal machines and were not nearly as happy as we are today.



Shoes of the Dead

The gas tank read empty, but I thought I might make it. The car was sluggish and uncooperative. I loved my car, but I was clearly in a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately mood. Bloody hell, it was like driving a dinosaur. I drove a little longer before I noticed the parking brake was on.

The streets were full of billboards with the face of a dead actor selling shoes. What agreements are these corporations making with the dead? What psychic are they using to make these necromantic deals? Is that what people want? Shoes of the dead? Why is this appealing to me? It reminded me of that tour of the crypts under the St. Michael’s Church in Vienna. A coffin from years ago had been broken open and the corpse had on wedges. I had no idea that style of shoe had been around so long.

The aftershock, phase 2 of our recession was in full swing. Yet every turn I made, I saw old buildings being torn down and new buildings being built. The deck seemed stacked. Someone is getting rich as the majority take the hit. If this were another country, the people would be in the streets with pitchforks and hoes (hoes for gardening, just to be clear). There should be a big hunt that ends with a barbecue. But who would hunt the elite we admire and strive to be?

There might be a few:

The gas war is over. Gas won.

In the gas crisis of the 1970s, people were outraged that gas cost over one dollar a gallon. They waited in long lines to get gas, sometimes running out of gas in the process.

My grandfather used to have a key chain that said, “The gas war is over. Gas won.”

In protest, my grandfather bought an electric lawn mower. I have a vague recollection of that lawn mower. It had a really long extension cord. My grandfather drove over the cord and cut it in half. My memories of that orange and green electric lawn mower include an extension cord spliced back together with black electrical tape.