Exercise and exorcise.

A lot of heavy emotions are like ghosts. It’s like you’re haunted and you need a exorcism. The funny thing is that one of the things that can help to remove these ghost like negative emotions is to do yoga, or walk, run, go to the gym and physically exercise. Is it just me that sees a link between these words?  Exercise and exorcise.


What is your gift? (dyslexia)

I am dyslexic… so I was told.
That means I see words and letters upside down and out of place. It’s normal… to me. I still read and write daily but am sometimes reliant on proofreaders (my book had four).

I started to notice (through the eyes of others), that this “dyslexia” has given me a unique view of the world. I see and collect information in an “odd” way.  I have come to realize this is a gift.

What is your gift?
Was it sold to you as a disadvantage?

The cool thing about these odd gifts we all have is that they are not available to everyone. You cannot learn to see like a dyslexic.
Just ask Leonardo da Vinci, Tommy Hilfiger, Andy Warhol, Muhammad Ali, Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, Steven Spielberg, John Lennon, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison.